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OUR GOAL is to provide you with an affordable custom web store that is easy to navigate with a simple checkout system that seamlessly integrates into your main web portal.


We have your most efficient e-commerce solution. For Artists it’s never been easier to run a web store from your home or on the road anywhere in the world. For labels, merchandise companies and management companies we can we can create a multi-store site to consolidate all your artists’ web stores under one banner that you can easily edit and ship from your own warehouse. For major artists we provide Canadian or U.S. web stores with fulfillment services to save the expenses of exporting end-of-tour merchandise. We can even print exclusive web store merchandise.


Send us your orders ! We provide Canadian, North American or worldwide fulfillment services for your webstore with the best rates in the industry. Experience increased sales as your fans get relief on the additional shipping, customs duties and taxes charged on international shipments.


Your web store is created using our custom proprietary Open Cart technology. Pages are streamlined and easy to view and navigate with no banner ads or third party pop-ups to distract customers. A simple checkout system accepts card payments through your secure Paypal account eliminating monthly e-commerce fees. A per item postage rate eliminates the need to hook up to complex post office and courier accounts. Experience increased traffic with MyMusicMerch search engine optimization.


Get a fully functional web store for a one time $199 fee including free live agent support. Hosting is only $49/year (first year free). An Administration Panel and tutorial provides full editing capabilities or you can purchase a Customer Service package for only $49/year and we’ll do the updates for you. There are no contracts, no hidden fees and no third party commitments. Cancel anytime with no further obligations. Checkout the web stores on the right to decide if we are a right fit for you. And don’t forget that we offer FREE WEB STORES for clients.

Jeff Martin

Official worldwide webstore for Canadian singer/guitarist JEFF MARTIN (The Tea Party)

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Official webstore for Canadian musician GOWAN.

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Burton Cummings

Official webstore for Canadian singer Burton Cummings (The Guess Who).

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